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Our Vision

Fundamentally, we believe that it’s important to provide full, clear, and free access to the clean and safe mineral water from the Artesian Spring so that all Hamiltonians have the opportunity to enjoy an amazing natural spring within our City’s limits, as our community has done for generations.

Our Reason

Many Hamiltonians have already made the personal choice to drink the Ancaster Well water. Their reasons are personal, but they include better taste; a healthier choice since the water is pure and not treated with water test results; as a personal action individuals can take to support sustainability by not buying bottled water; etc.

Principal Reason

Beyond the personal reasons, supporters of free access to water from the Artisan Well believe there are some important principles involved as well. They include being environmentally sound, especially as we are challenged with climate change; a belief that, as the United Nations states, it is a human right to have access to clean drinking water; it’s been a part of our community's heritage since the founding of the community; it honours the amazing personal legacy of Dundas resident and farmer William Kennedy; it promotes to the community a greater understanding of and appreciation for the importance of public access to clean drinking water; etc.

On-going issues

There are a few issues that continue to make it difficult for us to realize our goal.  They include blocked access to the official Medical Officer order and Directive by the HCA to prove their assertion that the well must have controlled access only; that residents who do agree to pay the HCA for access to the mineral water are required to sign an unfair and over-reaching waiver that states it is binding on “the undersigned and their respective heirs, executors, administrators, successors and permitted assigns”; free access to the deeded water is being limited for inappropriate reasons given the other options available to the HCA; etc.


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